Founding “Death of the IB Society”

When I stood in the secluded area of the upper PAC during SHOWCASE, I should have forecasted our future: #two_sad_comedians on Instagram.

Our CASE’s name, the Death of the IB Society (DIBS), is a parody of the famous film, The Death of the Poet Society. Idea credits go to our CASE’s co-leader, Anneke Lee. “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if a bunch of students just stood up on the table and be like: professor, we want Stand-up Comedy instead of poetry?” And there it goes.

As hinted, but yet surprisingly enough, DIBS is a Stand-Up comedy CASE. It encourages participants to practice public speaking, creative script writing, communicating, and calling for community actions in a form of Stand-up comedy in the IB school environment.

One of the reasons we included the phrase, “Death of the IB” was an inspiration of the possible topics we could make an object of criticism & comedy. Just think about how much Stand-up material could possibly be derived from the topic of IB, DP, MYP, International Schools, and BHA life. And how relatable would it be if we performed these Stand-ups in school!

A scene from the movie <The Death of the Poet Society>.

Before I go any further, I must explain how I was more than fortunate enough to find Anneke as my co-leader. She’s a great friend, an awesome English writer, a compelling speaker, and a critically entertaining, enthusiastic Stand-Up comedian. And without a surprise, I immediately started picturing her in the squad ever since DIBS’s planning stage. And she said yes!

As soon as we submitted the forms, everything seemed to be on a smooth track. And it was. Yet it felt a bit odd, odd as reading a fantasy adventure novel without any obstacles. When I was younger, the CASE coordinators often became suspicious, and I had to stand and explain the purpose of the CASE or prove how the CASE fulfilled its particular strands. But this time there was none of that. I just left the paper on an empty desk, and the next day our name was on the CASE list.

However, it was simply my misunderstanding to think that all stage of hardship was over. After a week, SHOWCASE was about to start.

목적: 첫날의 에피소드



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